Bronze squad

Personal bests

Times shown exclude any meets where the swimmer was disqualified. Rank is based on current swimmers personal bests for each stroke and distance. You can find all the current swimmer times and ranks here.

Stroke Distance Time Date Meet Rank (Age / Squad / Club)
Free2500:22.5321/05/2017Fife novice49 / 9 / 36
Free5000:41.0905/05/2019Carnegie Spring Mini Meet 201911 / 7 / 52
Back2500:23.7619/11/2017Fife Schools Meet4 / 3 / 12
Back5000:47.8905/05/2019Carnegie Spring Mini Meet 201911 / 5 / 48
Breast2500:27.6518/11/2017Cupar Friendly 20174 / 3 / 13
Breast5000:52.4505/05/2019Carnegie Spring Mini Meet 20199 / 1 / 40
Breast10002:12.3411/03/2018Fife novice110 / 2 / 48
Fly2500:23.9406/05/2018GASC Age Group Club Champs7 / 4 / 21
Fly5000:49.7012/05/2019Fife Novice May 198 / 6 / 44
IM10001:54.4822/09/2018Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet10 / 3 / 48

All times

Times shown include meets where the swimmer may have been disqualified. Where disqualified times are recorded they are not included as improvements. Highlighted times are personal bests.

Distance Time Splits Improvement Date Meet
2500:23.2700:00.7401/10/2017Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
2500:22.53-00:03.5321/05/2017Fife novice4
2500:26.0600:01.8807/12/2016GASC Open Champs 2016
2500:24.18-00:00.7112/11/2016Carnegie Mini Meet
2500:24.89-00:01.7408/10/2016Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
2500:26.63-00:01.3422/05/2016Carnegie May Mini Meet 2016
2500:27.9709/12/2015GASC Open Champs featuring SSOD 2015
5000:41.09-00:02.2805/05/2019Carnegie Spring Mini Meet 2019
5000:43.37-00:01.0417/02/2019ELST Novice Meet
5000:44.41-00:00.9705/12/2018GASC Open Champs Featuring SSOD
5000:45.38-00:01.3122/09/2018Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
5000:00.0 (DQ)09/06/2018Step Rock 90th Anniversary Gal
5000:46.69-00:00.8706/05/2018GASC Age Group Club Champs
5000:47.5600:00.2829/04/2018Carnegie Sping Mini Meet 2018
5000:47.28-00:03.5422/04/2018Fife novice 3
5000:50.82-00:03.3129/11/2017GASC Open Champs
5000:54.13-00:11.9307/05/2017Glenrothes Age Group Championships
5001:06.0608/05/2016Glenrothes Age Group Championships
Distance Time Splits Improvement Date Meet
2500:23.76-00:02.1819/11/2017Fife Schools Meet
2500:25.94-00:00.7501/10/2017Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
2500:26.69-00:00.1705/03/2017Fife novice1
2500:26.8600:01.3412/11/2016Carnegie Mini Meet
2500:25.52-00:02.6508/10/2016Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
2500:28.17-00:01.2222/05/2016Carnegie May Mini Meet 2016
2500:29.39-00:01.8906/03/2016Fife novice 2
2500:31.2821/11/2015Cupar Friendly Gala 2015
5000:47.89-00:02.7205/05/2019Carnegie Spring Mini Meet 2019
5000:50.6100:00.3405/12/2018GASC Open Champs Featuring SSOD
5000:50.27-00:02.8322/09/2018Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
5000:53.1000:01.6909/06/2018Step Rock 90th Anniversary Gal
5000:51.41-00:01.0506/05/2018GASC Age Group Club Champs
5000:52.4600:01.2529/04/2018Carnegie Sping Mini Meet 2018
5000:51.21-00:02.3611/03/2018Fife novice1
5000:53.57-00:03.6129/11/2017GASC Open Champs
5000:57.18-00:02.3207/05/2017Glenrothes Age Group Championships
5000:59.50-00:04.9218/03/2017Glenrothes Spring Meet
5001:04.42-00:08.9912/02/2017Fife novice1
5001:13.4108/05/2016Glenrothes Age Group Championships
Distance Time Splits Improvement Date Meet
2500:28.0100:00.3619/11/2017Fife Schools Meet
2500:27.65-00:01.8518/11/2017Cupar Friendly 2017
2500:29.5000:00.6601/10/2017Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
2500:28.8400:00.0703/09/2017Geordie Wotherspoon/ Fife championships
2500:28.77-00:01.2023/04/2017Fife Novice 3
2500:29.97-00:00.6212/02/2017Fife novice1
2500:30.59-00:00.1326/11/2016Cuper Friendly 2016
2500:30.7200:01.0712/11/2016Carnegie Mini Meet
2500:29.65-00:00.7708/10/2016Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
2500:30.42-00:01.6604/09/2016Geordie Wotherspoon/ Fife championships
2500:32.08-00:01.0205/06/2016Novice League 4
2500:33.1000:01.8322/05/2016Carnegie May Mini Meet 2016
2500:31.27-00:02.4801/05/2016Novice League 3
2500:33.75-00:01.1909/04/2016GASC Easter friendly
2500:34.94-00:03.5031/01/2016Novice League Meet 1
2500:38.44-00:00.5509/12/2015GASC Open Champs featuring SSOD 2015
2500:38.9921/11/2015Cupar Friendly Gala 2015
5000:52.45-00:03.1705/05/2019Carnegie Spring Mini Meet 2019
5000:55.6200:01.7710/03/2019Fife Novice March 19
5000:53.85-00:02.3417/02/2019ELST Novice Meet
5000:56.19-00:00.7022/09/2018Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
5000:00.0 (DQ)09/06/2018Step Rock 90th Anniversary Gal
5000:56.89-00:03.3913/05/2018Fife novice 4
5001:00.2800:02.6206/05/2018GASC Age Group Club Champs
5000:57.66-00:00.5229/04/2018Carnegie Sping Mini Meet 2018
5000:58.180:00.00 / 0:00.000:44.02 / 0:53.02 / 0:47.75 / 0:400:02.0611/02/2018Fife novice1
5000:56.12-00:06.0929/11/2017GASC Open Champs
5001:02.21-00:01.0807/05/2017Glenrothes Age Group Championships
5001:03.29-00:04.9305/03/2017Fife novice1
5001:08.22-00:10.6007/12/2016GASC Open Champs 2016
5001:18.8208/05/2016Glenrothes Age Group Championships
10002:12.341:40.40 / 1:70.940:46.90 / 0:37.90 / 1:80.82 / 0:411/03/2018Fife novice1
Distance Time Splits Improvement Date Meet
2500:23.94-00:02.0006/05/2018GASC Age Group Club Champs
2500:25.94-00:02.8329/11/2017GASC Open Champs
2500:28.77-00:03.0618/11/2017Cupar Friendly 2017
2500:31.83-00:05.8001/10/2017Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
2500:37.6300:00.7607/12/2016GASC Open Champs 2016
2500:36.8700:03.2526/11/2016Cuper Friendly 2016
2500:33.62-00:03.7822/05/2016Carnegie May Mini Meet 2016
2500:37.40-00:01.2108/05/2016Glenrothes Age Group Championships
2500:38.6109/04/2016GASC Easter friendly
5000:49.70-00:08.8212/05/2019Fife Novice May 19
5000:58.5222/09/2018Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
5000:00.0 (DQ)09/06/2018Step Rock 90th Anniversary Gal
Distance Time Splits Improvement Date Meet
10001:54.480:54.82 / 0:59.66-00:01.7122/09/2018Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
10001:56.19-00:16.5006/05/2018GASC Age Group Club Champs
10002:12.691:40.43 / 1:80.26-00:10.4301/10/2017Glenrothes ASC Novice Autumn Meet
10002:23.12-00:27.1407/05/2017Glenrothes Age Group Championships
10002:50.2608/05/2016Glenrothes Age Group Championships